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Tahun ke-4  Perusahaan Gratis
Profil Perusahaan

N.P.W.P -
Alamat Cideng Timur 25
Desa/Kelurahan Petojo Utara
Kecamatan Gambir
Kota/Kab Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat
Provinsi Jakarta
Negara Indonesia
Kode Pos 10130

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Tentang Perusahaan

Established in 1948 at Surabaya. We started the business with traditional ex. WW II machines and dedicated workers to do service for making and repairing machine parts for industrial sector in newly independence Indonesia. TJOKRO dedicated in this business, we keep improving ourselves to strive becoming the most important player in this business. A lot of innovation and improvement we make to the company so we can give the efficient, reliable, and good quality and best services to our customers. As we are committed to give the most efficient services, we evolved from one to more than fifty branches all over Indonesia to put our services nearer to the customers. We do services to various types of industries such as mining, oil & gas, steel, pulp & paper, cement, power plant, petrochemical, marine, and many more industries.

TJOKRO GROUP also put the effort on the manufacturing, as we produce lots of parts for automotive, agriculture, and heavy equipment for major global brand. TJOKRO GROUP has integrated manufacturing plants in Pulo Gadung Jakarta which serve as one stop manufacturing area. More than half centuries went by; our company still keep improving ourselves for the customers. We keep up with new technology for machinery, tooling and database system and educate our fellow employees to higher knowledge of the latest technology to make ourselves to be more efficient, reliable, and good quality to do services for our customers.

We are proud that we have our customer loyalty and trust so we can survive this business and grow with it for many years. We are proud that we do services to the major industries in Indonesia and many of our products use worldwide. We will not stop improving as we aim to be the global player in this business.

As Mr. Tjokro CEO and founder of the company said "Do the job with your heart and passionate care" TJOKRO GROUP ways will always follow the direction of our founder which translates to never stop improving ourselves to achieve our motto of Total Service for You.


Our company point of management started way back from our founder Mr.Sutrisno Eddy Tjokro whose idea is giving the good service and quality for repairing and making parts for industrial purpose which is not available during the 50s. That idea now becoming the basic principle of the group which always puts ahead quality and services for the customers.

As the management put the emphasize on customer satisfaction, the company put a lot of effort to maximize the services to the customer. Many new technologies for machineries, tooling, database system, and quality system adapted, also many training had been done to our employee for maximizing the service, efficiency and quality of our products and services.

Most of our staffs and employees are experienced and very skilled person which make them the backbone of our company and the management will make sure that every one of them will put their maximal effort to service our customers.

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