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Welcome to AIR LIQUIDE
Company Name AIR LIQUIDE, PT
Business Status
Address Blok I No. 1-2, MM2100 Industrial Town
Region -
District Cibitung
City Kota Bekasi
Province Jawa Barat
Country Indonesia
Zip Code 17520
Member of Associations None
Company Category


Gas Leak Detector, Electrogas Welding ( EGW ), Gas Metal Arc Welding ( GMAW ), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ( GTAW ), Gas Furnace, Vacuum Furnace, Carburizing Gases, Gas Nitriding, Gas Carburizing, Quenching in Gas, Mesin & Peralatan Migas, Product Testing, Flat Product Rolling Mill, Produk, komponen dan Peralatan yang menggunakan besi, Mesin industri Baja, Peralatan & komponen

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