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N.P.W.P 01.967.326.8-046.000
Status Usaha PMDN
Alamat Jl. Pluit Sakti Raya No 103
Desa/Kelurahan Pluit
Kecamatan Penjaringan
Kota/Kab Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara
Provinsi Jakarta
Negara Indonesia
Kode Pos 14450
No. Telpon
+62 21 6671199
No Fax
+62 21 6671198 +62 21 66690898
Anggota Asosiasi CMP0001242
Kategori Perusahaan


Besi Siku Tidak Sama Sisi (Canai Panas), Besi Siku Sama Sisi (Equal Leg), Besi profil Struktural , Besi Kanal Canai Panas (Fleng Miring / Tapper Flange), Besi Kanal UNP, Besi Profil - H (Canai Panas), Besi Profil - H (iwf / H Beam), Besi Profil - I, Besi Profil I (Canai Panas), Besi Profil King Cross, Besi Profil King Cross (fabrikasi dari profil H section Canai Panas), Besi Kanal C / CNP, kanal C/ CNP (Proses Pembetukan Dingin), Besi Profil Queen Cross, Besi Profil Queen Cross (Fabrikasi dari Profile H Canai Panas), Besi Profil - T, Besi Profil - T ( Canai Panas), Besi Plat, Plat lembaran & Plat Gulungan, Plat Besi, Besi Plat Canai Panas, Besi Batangan, Besi ulir, Besi Ulir Canai Panas, Besi Bulat, Besi Bulat Canai Panas, Besi Kawat, Jaring Kawat Baja Las dari kawat Polos (Gulungan), Produk Kawat, Kawat Paku, Besi Frofil Castellated - Honey Comb (Plat Tambahan), Plat Kembang / Plat Bordes, Kawat Lapis Tembaga (Plated Cooper), Plat Gulungan, Plat Gulungan Canai Panas (HRC), Plat Gulungan Canai Dingin (CRC), Besi Pipa Dan Tabung, Pipa Gorong Gorong / Gelombang, Pipa Gorong Gorong / Gelombang - multi plate pipes, Pipa Gorong Gorong / Gelombang (Multi Plate Pipe Arches) , Pipa Segi Enam, Pipa Segi Delapan, Pipa Kotak persegi Panjang, Pipa Bulat, Pipa Flat Elliptical, Pipa Kotak Persegi, Pipa D , Pipa Opal, Besi Siku Tidak Sama Sisi (unequal Leg), Besi Siku Tidak Sama Sisi dan Ketebalan (unequal leg & Thickness), Besi Profil King Cross (fabrikasi dari Besi Profil - H proses las /welded), Besi Profil Queen Cross (Fabrikasi Dari Frofil H Proses Las), Besi Profil - T ( Dipotong Dari Profile h Canai Panas), Besi strip, Besi Segi Enam, Besi Segi Delapan, Besi Kotak, Besi Setengah Lingkaran (half Round), Besi Segi Tiga, Besi Seperempat Lingkaran (Quarter Round), Besi Lonjong, Kawat Tembaga, Kawat Duri

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Tentang Perusahaan

PERWIRA ADHITAMA  SEJATI is known as PERWIRA STEEL, started in business in Jakarta in 1996 as a partial Distributor to a few steel manufacturers. Through the year, the company has grown to become a main distributor to several manufacturers and experience significant growth every year. In 2001   PERWIRA STEEL established its legal name as PT. Perwira Adhitama Sejati. PERWIRA STEEL’s achievement as ventured the company to expand its business to other areas in Indonesia, namely Sumatra, java, Sulawesi and Papua

The Founder of PERWIRA STEEL observed to crucial opportunity in steel industry, Firstly in customer demand of quality product that mat their Value for money, and secondly. The steel manufacturer’s need to expand their sales quota to maximized their production capacity. These opportunities are seized by the company and thus have promoted its exponential growth through the year

In keeping up with the growing needs  in steel industries, PERWIRA STEEL envision itself to not only exist in the domestic market, but to go international and help promote Indonesia’s steel industry by being part of the worldwide steel players

The World PERWIRA itself means a high rank soldier who is able to lead. PERWIRA STEEL’s VISION is to be market leader in the steel distribution; Leading in price, quality and sales volume. The company views a leader as someone with fresh ideas, who starts thing and drives the group to reach the vision. The Company MISSION therefore, is to constantly innovate, observe for opportunities and needs in the industry, and take prompt action upon changes in the market trend

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