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CV.  artha mandiri

CNC Rotation Angle Band Sawing Machine for H beams Model TBS750

Applicable industry
Used for the sawing of H-shape steel, box beams, channel steel, angle steel and round steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garages and petrol platform industries.

Product feature
■Double column design equipped with strong lathe bed, with fine function of absorbing vibration during high speed sawing.
■Can rotate itself and no need to rotate for longer work piece when beveling for 0°~45°, can keep the continuity of production.
■Saw blade driving with greater motor power and good transmission. Used for the specialized processing of various section steel of steel structure industry.
■Saw blade hydraulic automatic tensioning device, keep saw blade stable during high speed rotation and can extend life of saw blade.
■Small aperture, high precision, and greatly reduce material consumption.
■Laser alignment function and advanced and retreated structure slightly adjusted with hand, convenient for cutting accurately.
■Automatic coolant compatible with blade could make blade lubricant and reduce the temperature of blade.
■PLC control, sawing linear velocity can be adjusted by transducer motor and sawing feeding speed also can be adjusted by hydraulic stepless adjustment. This greatly promotes production efficiency.
■Key machine, hydraulic pressure and electric components are chosen famous products domestic and abroad.

Product Basic Parameter


Sawing force (mm)

round steel: φ550

square steel: 480x480

H beam: 750x450

Saw blade size (mm)

Thickness:1.3  Width:41  Length:6650

Saw blade lineal speed (m/min)

20~80 (adjustable)


Motor power

saw blade


hydraulic pressure


rotary table

Hydraulic drive, no servo motor.

cooling system


Table height


Feeding speed

stepless feeding

Rotation angle


Main clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r)


Front clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r)



Overall dimension

Width: 2500mm


Height: 2600mm

Gross weight of machine



jinan sunrise cnc machine , Co. LTd
Jinan, Shandong
T/F : 8653155611277 | 8653155611266

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Kawat harmonika

PT.  centralindo mandiri perkasa
Kab. Tangerang, Banten
T/F : 62217401127 | 62217401127

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FICEP Electrical hot shears CTCV series
  • Electrical hot shears – CTCV series

    New range of high performance hot shearing systems, completely electric. The main 4 axes are driven by new developed electro-mechanic actuators: blade, hold down, square cutting attachment and length gauge.

    The main advantages are:

    • Reduction of the cycle time with possibility of coupling with the fast and modern transfer presses.
    • Modulation of the blade speed during the shearing process allowing an improvement of the shearing quality, especially on “difficult” steels.
    • Absence of hydraulic oil and therefore no fire risk caused by leaks.
    • Higher efficiency compared to the traditional hydraulic drives.

ficep spa
Gazzada Schianno, Varese
T/F : +852 25446888 | +852 25445123

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Jembatan Standar Rangka (Standard Truss Bridging)

Standard Truss Bridging is Between 40 to 60m Span with bolt conection

Advantage :

  • Unit Weight /Component 2 ton for 9,4 m
  • Variant in span is many
  • Pre - chambered in Fabrication


  • Cantilever Method
  • Scaffolding Method
  • Semi Cantilever Method

PT.  gunung steel construction
Kab. Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 8901580 | +62 21 89108031

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Spiral Bevel Gear
Spiral Bevel Gear

PT.  solusi gear indonesia
Kota Tangerang, Banten
T/F : +62 21 2901 9518 | +62 21 2901 7399

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Round /Deform Bar


PT.  intisumber bajasakti
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 66675999 | +62 21 66675800

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Plat Timah (Dua Putra Petir)

Spesifikasi Produk PLAT TIMAH

PLAT TIMAH, Timah hitam ( LEAD SHEET) Timah ini terbuat dari timah hitam dengan kadar yang sangat tinggi sehingga memiliki perlindungan yang sangat tinggi terhadap radiasi dan daya kedap suara yang sangat baik. UKURAN LEBAR 1 METER TEBAL x PANJANG: - 0.8mm X 10 meter - 1mm x 15 meter - 1.5mm x 7 meter - 2mm x 10 meter - 3mm x 10 meter APLIKASI: Dinding anti radiasi X-ray ( Ruang CT Scan Dll ) di rumah sakit, perlindungan dari radiasi nuklir, bahan untuk pemberat pancing. SALAM KENAL, - See more at:

CV.  dua putra petir
Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur
T/F : +62 31 7406677 | +62 31 7417127

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Industrial Cement Fajar Gemilang Semesta

Construction Division


  • General Civil Works
  • Road, Bridges and Harbors
  • Building, Factories and Plants
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation


Fabrication Division


  • Steel Structures, Multi Storey Structure
  • Storage Tanks, Silos, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger


Engineering Services Division


  • Design Engineering for Structural Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Shop drawings and as build drawings
  • Supply & Trading, Agencies
  • Piping, Valves, Flanges
  • Tools, Hardware, Machinery & Industrial Equipments 

PT.  fajar gemilang semesta
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 5741010 | +62 21 5741058

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CHQ ( Coil Quality Heading ) | Multi Steel Diluch

2 ~ 55mm

0.0787 ~ 2.1654inch

 2 ~ 52mm

 0.0787 ~ 2.0472inch

100 ~ 2,500kg

220 ~ 5,512lbs

Annealed Wire

 Drawn Wire

Coil Weight

PT.  multi steel diluch
Kab. Tangerang, Banten
T/F : 02194960088 | 02129437965

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Pipa Hitam Welded ex China- CV. Sin Hoat

Keterangan Kami menyediakan pipa Hitam Weldeed Ex China dalam berbagai macam ukuran dan ketebalan sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda. Harga Sangat Bersaing dan Service Memuaskan

CV.  sin hoat
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 4253220 | +62 21 4256279

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Siam Fitting - Side Outlet Tees

siam fittings , Co. LTd
Samutsakorn, Krathumban
T/F : +66 81008325 | +662 4291538

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Angle / Siku

Hot Rolled Equal & Un-equal Angle

PT.  intisumber bajasakti
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 66675999 | +62 21 66675800

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Acrylic Paint - ACR Solvent Base Primer

PT.  karunia usaha nurindo
Kab. Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : 02182605565 | 0218266971

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Office Chair - TIGER 3001 PP


- Footbase: Nylon Fiber

- Mechanism: 1 lever, Tilting

- Black Synthetic Leather

- Armrest: PP

PT.  young industri indonesia
Kab. Bogor, Jawa Barat
T/F : 622182497373 | 622182496760

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