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Pintu Garasi

Pintu Garasi yang terbuat dari bahan dasar baja lapis Zincalume Steel. Sehingga Tahan Karat, Tahan Api, serta Tahan Rayap.

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PT.  prometama group
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 5812577 | +62 21 5812573

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A self polishing antifouling containing a combination of cuprous oxide and organic, bioactive material. It changes to final colour after approximately 1 week of exposure to water. Due to its self-renewing effect this product maintains an effective bioactive surface during its entire service life. Length of service may have a certain influence on colour. The antifouling may obtain a copper-green tinge.

Area of use
As an antifouling for boats of glass fibre, wood, plywood, steel and ferro-cement.
Do not use on aluminium or other light-alloy metal. Risk of corrosion in case of direct contact.
For cold, temperate and warm waters.

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PT.  hempel indonesia
Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 8843385 | +62 21 8840820

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CV.  karya rahayu
Kota Tangerang, Banten
T/F : 622171605720 | 62217333904

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Over the years, the crown structure of stadium is considered to give important architectural value to the overall structure. Through its steel structure diciplines, BJA develops architectural steel design which uses as its main component to form in almost anyway, because of the flexibility and durability of steel.
Our EPC service can assist you from design plan, engineering, procurement and construction of architectural steel.

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PT.  bukit jaya abadi
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
T/F : +62 31 8433166 | +62 31 8433186

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Arch Bridge A.250m (Jembatan Pelengkung A.250m)

Jembatan Pelengkung Bentang A.250 Meter



  • Bridge Management System code with Rev-SNI 2005 BM 100
  • Hot Rolled Profile SS400 (JIS G3101)
  • Welded Beam SM490 YA  (JIS G3106)
  • Plate SM490 YA  (JIS G3106)
  • Plate SS400 (JIS G3101)
  • Angle SS400 (JIS G3101)
  • Hot Rolled Profile SS400 (JIS G3101)
  • Anchor Bolt SR24  (JIS G3112)
  • Shear Connector SD40 (JIS G3112)
  • Pipe STK290 (JIS G3444)
  • Spiral Pipe ASTM A252 GR. 2
  • Primary Bolt & Nuts Grade S10.T
  • Secondary Bolt & Nuts Grade S10.T
  • Bridge Deck SPCC
  • Round Bar SR24 (JIS G3112)
  • Deform Bar SD40 (JIS G3112)
  • Pot Bearing
  • Hanger
  • Welding Electrode SMAW Process  AWS D1.1 Grade E7018 or Equivalent
  • Welding Electrode SAW Process  AWS A5.17 Grade F744 EL12
  • Galvanize AS/NZS 4680 : 1999/ ASTM A123/ISO 1461


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PT.  gunung steel construction
Kab. Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 8901580 | +62 21 8901579

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UD.  bekasi baru
Kab. Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : 62218894747 | 622188952866

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Deformed bar


  • BS 4449 (97) GR 460B.
  • BS 4449: 1997, Grade 250
  • BS 4449: 1997, Grade 460
  • JIS G3112: 2004, Grade SD390

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PT.  sample membership company
Kab. Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 49049470 | +62 21 8934360

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QK Machinery Eco Cut Series - CNC plasma / flame cutting machine

Product Specification

  • High Rigidity and Low Maintenance
  • Expert Linear guide Patented technology that offer extended wear & tear
  • Broad Compatibility offers greater component choices 
  • Adaptable with Plasma & Oxy-gas operation
  • Economically efficient with High Performance

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PT.  dinamika teknik sentosa
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat, Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 62320041 | +62 21 62320043

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Wire Rod


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PT.  intisumber bajasakti
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 66675999 | +62 21 66675800

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Butterfly Valve Artesian Body Ductile Iron/ Cast Iron, Disc SS304/ SS316

 - Made In Korea Selatan
 -100% Bi-directional ketat menutup-off
 -Installation Tanpa pembatasan dalam arah aliran.
 - Berat Rediced dan dimensi keseluruhan
 - Kehilangan tekanan rendah dan mengurangi biaya energi.
 - Nilai tinggi Kv / Cv.
 - Mudah dibersihkan dan disinfeksi untuk sistem air minum dll
 - Membersihkan sendiri ( tidak ada residu akan terjebak)
 - Ketahanan korosi
 - Kehandalan tinggi.
 - Mudah untuk menangani, untuk menginstal dan membongkar
 - Ruang Kurang dalam penyimpanan dan instalasi
 - Cairan tidak menghubungi badan ( tidak ada korosi)
 - Tidak ada gasket flange diperlukan.
 - Isolasi kebisingan dan perpindahan panas.
 - Kursi Mudah diganti tanpa alat khusus
 - Wide berbagai bahan untuk berbagai kondisi.
 - Otomatisasi Mudah.
 - Perkuatan aktuator adalah mungkin.
 - Posisi Actuator dapat diubah di situs.
 - Mudah dioperasikan
 - Temukan aktuator Ekonomis.
 - Gesekan poros rendah ( torsi operasi) dan memakai.
 - Tidak ada pelumasan diperlukan.
 - Sistem Anti ledakan

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CV.  indo jaya makmur
Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur
T/F : 62315928097 | 62315928096

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H - Section / T - section
  • H - Section (Hot Roller)
  • T - Section (Cut from H - section Hot roller)

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PT.  perwira adhitama sejati
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 6671199 | +62 21 6671198

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jindal steel & power
Kota Adm. Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
T/F : +911126188340 | +911126161271

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Ball Valves

Kami menyediakan dan menjual Ball Valves dengan berbagai ukuran dan panjang untuk kebutuhan Anda

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PT.  synergy jayatama
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 47869752 | +62 21 4751766

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Cat Epoxy (Jotamastic 87)


  1. Mudah diaplikasikan
  2. Dua Komponen
  3. Daya tahan yg baik terhadap air, kimia, alkali dan kerusakan mekanis
  4. Semi Glossy
  5. Diaplikasikan Untuk outdoor atau indoor

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PT.  jotun indonesia
Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 89982657 | +62 21 89982658

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CNC Drilling Machine for H Beams Model TSWZ700

Applicable industry:
Used for the drilling processing of H-shape steel, box beam and channel steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform.

Product feature:
1.Equipped with three drilling head, the drilling procedure finished after the work piece going through the equipment.
2. Three drilling head can drill holes simultaneously, and adopt self-controlled stroke drilling head.
3. No need to set thickness of work piece and length of drilling, automatically finish the transfer of rapid feeding and work feeding, and with high efficiency.
4. CNC & PLC systems, LCD display, programming Microsoft based on WINDOWS platform, fast and convenient programming, and visual previewing.
5. Programming Microsoft is not depend on CPU equipment, can be installed in any computer to carry out programming off-site, direct copy or network transmission to the equipment to realize.
6. Each drilling head, equipped with professional main shaft speed-reducing-motor from famous products abroad.
7. Main machine, hydraulic pressure, electric components are famous products domestic and abroad.

Product Basic Parameter:



H-beams Max. (web height × flange width) (mm)


Min. (web height × flange width) (mm)


Min. length of workpiece (mm)


Max. weight of workpiece (kg)


Drilling dia. (mm)


Feeding speed(mm/min)


No. of spindle

One spindle on each of three sides (top,left,right) Total: 3 spindles

Rotation speed (stepless speed adjustment)(rpm


Feeding movement speed (mm/min)


Max. feeding stroke (mm)


Power of each spindle (kW)


No. of CNC axis


Stroke of left/right spindles (Above vertical base-level) (mm)


Stroke of top spindle (Beyond horizontal base-level) (mm)


Morse taper

2#, 3#

Total power (kW)


Feeding type

NC carriage feeding, 20-300mm/min

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)


Total weight (kg)


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PT.  jinan sunrise cnc machine co.ltd.
Jinan, Shandong
T/F : 8653155611277 | 8653155611266

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