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Kunci Inggris

Kunci Inggris 8"

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CV.  sarang material
Kab. Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 89906816 | +62 21 89906839

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Double-Spindle CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Steel Plates Model TPHD2525

Applicable industry Used for the drilling processing for tube plate, clapboard and flange, in petrochemical, boiler, and wind power flange industries,also for joint plates in building,bridge,iron tower,etc.

Product feature:

1.Heavy-load linear roller guide pairs are equipped on two sides of the machine bed respectively.The longitudinal movement of the gantry’s two sides is driven synchronously via AC servo motor and precise ballscrew pair of big pitch.

2.Two movable slides are equipped on the cross beam of gantry.The sliders are guided by two linear roller guide pairs and driven by AC servo motor and precise ballscrew pair of big pitch respectively.

3.The slides on the cross beam are equipped with vertical CNC feeding ram-type drilling spindle,which adopts special conversion motor with haeavy load for spindle.The motor drives the spindle via synchronous belt.The drilling spindle adopts Taiwan precision spindle (innercooling) with disk spring automatic broach mechanism,hydraulic cylinder loosing cutter,very convenient to change shank.

4.The machine is equipped with hydraulic system to finish the hydraulic balance of vertical ram and hydraulic cutter loosing of spindle.

5.It adopts FAGOR8055 CNC system of Spain,equipped with RS232 interface and LCD screen.The automatic programming provided can not only generate processing programs automatically,but also preview hole position before drilling.

6.It is equipped with chain-plate type automatic chip-conveyor and chip collection trolley.The cooling system is equipped with paper filer,high-pressure innercooling pump and low-pressure outercooling pump,which are used for innercooling or outercooling of cutter.


Product Basic Parameter:





Max. size of workpiece (mm)


Max. hole distance LxW (mm)




Max. thickness (mm)



Width/distance of T groove (mm)


Drilling spindle



Spindle taper


Max. diameter of drilling (mm)

Φ40 (carbide drill)

Φ50(high speed twist drill)

Rotation speed(conver,stepless)(r/min)


Motor power of spindles (kW)


Spindle nether surface toworktable(mm)


Longitudinal movement of gantry (X axis)

Max. stroke (mm)




X axis feeding speed (m/min)


X axis servo motor power (kW)


Horizontal move (Y axis)

Max. distance of spindles (mm)




Y axis feeding speed (m/min)


Y axis servo motor power (kW)


Vertical move (Z axis)

Z axis Max. stroke (mm)


Z axis feeding speed (m/min)


Z axis servo motor power (kW0


Positioning precision

XY axis (mm)

≤0.1/  (Full length)

Re- positioning precision

XYaxis (mm)


Hydraulic system

Hydraulic pump(Mpa)/ (L/min)

7 /25

Motor for hydraulic pump (kW)


Chip removal and cooling

Type of chip-conveyor

Chain-plate type

Quantity of chip-conveyor


Chip-removal speed(m/min)


Motor for swarf conveyor (kW)


Motor for cooling pump (kW)


Overall dimension

LxWxH (m)

Appr. 5.2×5.1×3.6

Appr. 5.7×5.6×3.6

Appr. 6.2×6.1×3.6

Weight of machine (t)

Appr. 30

Appr. 35

Appr. 40

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PT.  jinan sunrise cnc machine co.ltd.
Jinan, Shandong
T/F : 8653155611277 | 8653155611266

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CV.  bertindo
Kab. Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : 622182611200 | 622182611472

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NRS Resilient Seat Gate Valve PN-16 C

PT. Abadi Metal Utama menyediakan NRS Resilient Seat Gate Valve PN-16 C. Kunjungi www.abadimetalutama.com untuk informasi selanjutnya.

platinum Member

PT.  abadi metal utama
Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur
T/F : +62 31 7317975 | +62 31 7325030

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Telehouse - Mobile Monitoring (Mobile Antena)

Monitoring Mobile is an integrated between vehicle, device and tower which is function as a radio signal monitoring system on a region. The frequency that can be detected by this system from 1MHz up to 6 GHz.

platinum Member

PT.  telehouse engineering
Kota Bandung , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 22 7802700 | +62 22 7802900

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HEMPADUR 15590 is a two-component epoxy primer coating especially for use on surfaces exposed to severe abrasion.

Area of use
As a blast primer for heavy duty epoxy systems on submersed and none-submersed areas according to specification. For use at temperatures of 5°C/41°F, preferably 10°C/50°F or higher.

platinum Member

PT.  hempel indonesia
Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 8843385 | +62 21 8840820

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UD.  bekasi baru
Kab. Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : 62218894747 | 622188952866

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Durma Plate / Sheet Shears Machine VS Series- Variable Rake CNC Shear ( Garansi 2 Tahun)

Shears Durma memberikan GARANSI 2 TAHUN. Telah diproduksi sejak 1956 dan telah diinstalasi di berbagai industri. Pengalaman menangani konsumen telah membantu kami menciptakan pengembangan shears yang tahan lama, minim distorsi dan presisi.

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PT.  turkindo jaya
Kota Depok, Jawa Barat
T/F : 02185547845 | 02177215084

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DURAGUTTER SYSTEM  adalah Sistem Talang yang terbuat dari bahan baja lapis ZINCALUME steel (Zinc 45% dan Alumunium 55%) dicoating dengan cat oven yang sangat Kokoh,  Tahan Korosi, Tahan Rayap dan Tidak Menjalarkan Api.  

Tersedia 3 macam Talang, yaitu Talang Metal Bulat, Talang Kotak Type 1 dan Talang Kotak Type 3.                                      


platinum Member

PT.  prometama group
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 5812577 | +62 21 5812573

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Bolt and Nut


platinum Member

PT.  wahana sentra niaga
Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur
T/F : +62 31 7498666 | +62 31 7498756

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Cold Rolled Coils (CRC)

Cold rolled coils are produced by reducing thickness of hot rolled coils to the desired thickness by several passes (according to set pass schedule). It is a cold rolling process without using heat and the product can be in coil or sheet form.

platinum Member

PT.  liberty commodities indonesia
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta
T/F : +62215738788 | +62215738788

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Mesin Uji Tarik Cap: 50~200 kgf

HT-2328 Computer Servo Motor Single Coloum Testing Machine

Brand: HUNG TA, Taiwan

  • Cocok untuk menguji berbagai kawat baja sesuai standard SNI.
  • Nilai Ultimate Strength, Yield Point, Breaking Strength dan elongation didapat secara langsung melalui komputer.
  • Qualitas, spare parts dan servis terjamin.
  • Ready Stock, capacity: 20, 50, 100 dan 200 kgf (200 N, 500 N, 1 kN, 2 kN)

Kunjungi demo unit di Showroom kami. 

platinum Member

PT.  ostenco promitra jaya
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 42884548 | +62 21 42884558

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Commercial Banking

Your target and goals are the focus of our service. We assist you in finding the chance and opportunities that add value to your business. Whatever financial solution that you require, however complex, we are ready to help you with consulting services, analysis, management, as well as other financial solutions.

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PT.  bank mandiri cbc batam
Kota Batam , Kepulauan Riau
T/F : +62 778 429806 | +62 778 429589

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Folding door (Pintu Lipat)

platinum Member

CV.  berkat cempaka
Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 4248322 | 021 4248322

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DURAGRID (Light Duty)

DURAGRID (Light Duty) adalah Sistem Rangka Plafond Akustik yang terdiri dari rangka Main Tee dan Cross Tee. Rangka ini memiliki struktur yang stabil, Tahan Karat, Tahan Rayap, dan Tahan Api.


Digunakan untuk : Mineral Fibre Ceiling Board (Accoustic Board) 9 mm - 13 mm

platinum Member

PT.  prometama group
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 5812577 | +62 21 5812573

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