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Rafi Teknik - Mesin Pancang Mini File



  • Body / Rangka Besi Habim 3 x 2 meter
  • Mesin Diesel Fortuner 4 Cilinder
  • Pipa Layar 8 inch scedult 80 Panjang  9 - 12 meter
  • Pipa Scure 4 inch scedult 80 Panjang 7 - 8 meter 
  • Pipa Gawangan 3 inch, scedult 80, Tinggi 1.7meter, Lebar 2.4meter
  • Dinamo Las 300 A + Stang Las & Kedok Las
  • Hammer Pipa 20 inch, Tinggi 110 cm, Berat 1500-2000 Kg
  • Gear Winch Baja No. 1 Kualitas Terjamin
  • Double Winch
  • Accu 100 A
  • Seling Tarik 14 mm, Panjang 40 - 50 meter
  • Seling Hammer 19 mm Panjang 35 - 45 meter
  • Pipa Rel 8 inch scedult 80, Panjang 6 meter, 2 batang
  • Rel kotak UNP 10  4 Batang Rangkap
  • Topi Pile 3 Ukuran Sesuai keinginan konsumen


CV.  raffi teknik pile
Kota Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 812 91218483 | +62 21 91597997

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Temperature / Process Controllers - Asia Perdana Indoraya

Temperature / Process Controllers

Heater Current Monitoring

A Current transformer input provides display of the heater current and a

health check on the load. Partial load failure. heater open circuit and SSR

faults are detected and displayed as scorling alarm messages as well as providing an alarm output. on the 3208 and 3204 a front panel ammeter

displays the heater current.


Setpoint Programer 

Heat treatmen profiles can be programed using the 8-segment programer.

Holdback, at the begining of each segment can be used to guarante the soak periods. A digitak event output can be triggered in any

segment to intiate within the process


Custom Text Messaging

Custom Messagges can be created with iTools and downloded to the 3200

to display when an event, alarm or procces condition occurs. This provides the operator with good visibility of the status of the process


Remote Setpoint

An option Exists for the 3200 to have a Remote Analogue Input. This can be either volts or ma and is used to allow the setpoint to be generated by a master controller or PLC

PT.  asia perdana indoraya
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 4516726 | +62 21 4508572

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Steel Grating Trench

Karlita Emas merupakan perusahaan yang dapat memfabrikasi sendiri steel grating sesuai dengan kebutuhan customer (custom).

Besi Grating adalah besi plat berkualitas yang biasa digunakan di berbagai proyek sebagai tutup selokan, platform, anak tangga, walkway dan lain – lain.

Grating hanya memiliki 2 type, yakni serrated (bergerigi) dan plain (polos).

Besi ini memiliki tinggi dan ketebalan yang berbeda – beda (mm) sesuai dengan kebutuhan proyek. Akhir dari pengerjaan steel grating ini adalah HOT DEEP GALVANIZE dengan ketebalan galvanize 100 – 120 mikron.

Grating yang kami fabrikasi adalah besi grating yang sangat berkualitas, dan bersertifikat baik sertifikat material maupun sertifikat galvanized.

Untuk ukuran standard grating adalah Serrated 1” x 3/16” x 3’ x 20’ atau 25mm x 4.5mm x 6100mm x 905 mm.



PT.  karlita emas
Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 44834970 | +62 21 44832851

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Siam Fitting - Wastenuts

siam fittings , Co. LTd
Samutsakorn, Krathumban
T/F : +66 81008325 | +662 4291538

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CNC band saw systems with Katana saws
  • Double-column band saws for cutting to length steel construction profiles.

    Ficep KATANA completes the portfolio of automatic lines for the steel construction industry in the band saws. KATANA can be supplied as a:

    • stand-alone saw
    • combined saw in line with the beam drilling units

    Main strenghts of the Katana saw:

    • Sturdiness
    • Technology
    • Reliability


    The Katana frame is extremely sturdy and is made of electro-welded tubular steel with adequate stiffening ribs to eliminate torsion and provide stiffness, no vibrations, noiseless and precise cutting.

    The body rotates on a toothed wheel controlled by an encoder to carry out mitred cuts. In the bigger models the toothed wheel is complete with a sliding bearing. The arc is made of an electro-welded plate and moves on sliding prismatic guides. The arc supports the two flywheels to grant the band rotation. On one wheel there is the 3-phases motor equipped with an epicyclical gearbox unit to obtain all the possible speeds in accordance with the kind of material, deformation and band wearing.


    The Katana band saws are equipped with all the devices which after many years of experience are considered essential to grant the best cutting result in steel construction:

    • hydraulic blade tightening to tighten the band
    • double blade-guides: the first guide is fixed on one side of the profile, and the other guide that is on the opposite side of the profile is mobile and its extension is hydraulically controlled.
    • The blade-guides are equipped with a self-adjustable guiding system having hard steel plates to keep the band teeth always perpendicular to the cutting section
    • powered brush synchronised with the blade to take off the swarf from the band teeth
    • hydraulic vertical hold-downs that manually slide on prismatic guides
    • blade lubricating/cooling system included in the working cycle
    • two hydraulic independent vices to clamp the profile while being cut either at 90° and at mitred positions to ensure to be against the datum line position especially on mitred cuts
    • devices for saw rotation through a powered mechanical toothed wheel with survey of the rotation mitre thanks to an encoder
    • easy electronic systems that can be extended to manage completely automatic sawing lines (Katana-L)


    The Katana saws are mass-manufactured on the basis of forefront criteria. Each component is manufactured in the modern Ficep production units in Varese, the assembly instead, handled in certified subgroups, allows us to optimize the delivery to our final customers either if the saw will be combined with a drilling unit or instead a stand-alone machine.

    The electrical system is on board of the machine in an advantageous position from both functional and aesthetical point of view. The hydraulic system runs under a separate power pack.

    The body has been studied to contain all the cables on board in order to facilitate the after-sale maintenance.


    Each Katana saw is realized as stand-alone saw but already designed to become an automatic sawing centre Katana-L. This means that automatic transfer tables can take care of loading and unloading. A dedicated Pegaso CNC can take care of automatic cycles coming from nesting packages optimizing scrap and productivity.

    Special unloading devices for trim cuts of any shape like the patented magnetic unloading option can make this saw line fully independent from operator presence.

ficep spa
Gazzada Schianno, Varese
T/F : +852 25446888 | +852 25445123

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Floating Valve Brass Threaded BSPT RYUICHI / Pelampung Kuningan Ulir Drat Air Water (PT.Kalimas Sarana Suplindo)

PT.  kalimas sarana suplindo
Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 3907447 | +62 21 3143629

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Besi Bulat / Beis Beton polos (Round Bar), JASTINDO RAYA

PT.  jastindo raya
Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur
T/F : +62 31 7325474 | +62 31 7343775

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Panellux Sunscreen adalah Sistem Penahan Sinar Matahari yang dipasang pada stringer dengan cara klep yang sederhana (PRO-CLIP System). Terbuat dari bahan baja lapis ZINCALUME steel (Zinc 45% dan Alumunium 55%) dicoating dengan cat oven yang sangat Tahan Korosi, Tahan Api dan Tahan Rayap.

PT.  prometama group
Kota Tangerang, Banten
T/F : +62 21 55733070 | +62 21 55733071

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Weighing Scale Gewinn

PT.  gewinn gold hotama
Kab. Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 89140679 | +62 21 89143817

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PT. Kalimas Largest Spindo Distributor Spindo Exclusive Agent Pipes, Best Price (PT. Kalimas Sarana Suplindo)

PT.  kalimas sarana suplindo
Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 3907447 | +62 21 3143629

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TITANIUM PIPES & PLATES - Primanusa Sejati

PT.  primanusa sejati
Kab. Tangerang, Banten
T/F : +62 21 54217435 | +62 21 54217436

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Handling Material dan PPJK (Custom Clearance)

PT.  pratama galuh perkasa
Kota Cilegon , Banten
T/F : +62 254 570700 | +62 254 571524

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Seamless rolled rings/Besi Ring Tanpa Sambungan (Dirostahl)

karl diederichs kg dirostahl
Remscheid, Remscheid
T/F : +62 21 2555 6686 | +49 2191 593 165

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Drum aspal | Dewi Jaya

UD.  dewi jaya
Kab. Tegal, Jawa Tengah
T/F : 081542319300 | 02836199008

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Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Tube 316L, Thin Wall Tube

( 1) Commodity: Seamless Stainless Steel Tube/ Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe
( 2) Process Method: Cold Drawn / Cold Rolled
( 3) Surface Finish: Anneal / Pickling
( 4) Main Steel Type & Grade: ( a) Austenitic Steel: TP 304/ 304L/ 304H/ 304N, TP310S, TP 316/ 316L/ 316Ti/ 316H, TP 317/ 317L, TP321/ 321H, TP347/ 347H, 904L. ( b) Duplex Steel S32205, S31803, S32750.
( 5) OD: 1/ 4 " -16 " , Wall Thickness: 1mm-50mm, Length: Max 23M

If you have any questions, please don' t hesitate to contact me.

Lie Livina
International Department
Zhejiang Xinhang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd
No. 69 Fangjiadai Road, Haiyan Economic Development Zone in Jia Xing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Mobile: + 86-18267460301
Tel: + 86-574-87042318

Industry/ Applications: 
1. Chemical: Heat Exchanger & Boiler
2. Petrochemical: Condensers
3. Refinieries: General Piping
4. Fertilizers: Pressure Vessels
5. Paper & Pulp: Industrial Equipments
6. Engineering: Machineries Instrumentation Tubing
7. Sugar: Evaporators, Condensers, Driers
8. Automobiles: Muffler Tubes Hydraulic Tubing
9. Construction: Architectural Furniture
10. Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Food & Beverages: Machineries Process Piping
11. Submersible Pumps: Pump Casing applications

zhejiang xinhang stainless steel co., ltd
Jiaxing, Zhejiang
T/F : +86 574 87042318 | +86 574 89118200

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