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Commercial Building (Bangunan Komercial)


  • IWF & H-Beam SS400 (JIS G3101)
  • Angle Section SS400 (JIS G3101)
  • Plate SS400  (JIS G3101)
  • Anchor Bolt SR24 (JIS G3112)
  • Primary Bolt & Nuts H 8.8 ((JIS B1181)
  • Secondary Bolt & Nuts H 4.6 (JIS G1051)
  • Welding Electrode Grade E7018 (AWS D1.1)

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PT.  gunung steel construction
Kab. Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 8901580 | +62 21 8901579

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Deformed Bar

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PT.  mega karya sampurna
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 812 89 810990 | +62 21 45846961

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DURAGRID (Heavy Duty)

DURAGRID (Heavy Duty) adalah Sistem Rangka Plafond Akustik yang terdiri dari rangka Main Tee dan Cross Tee. Rangka ini memiliki struktur yang stabil, Tahan Karat, Tahan Rayap, dan Tahan Api.


Digunakan Untuk : Mineral Fibre Ceiling Board (Accoustic Board) : 9mm-13mm , GYPSUM MOTIF BOARD

Fibre Cement Board : Less Than 6 mm



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PT.  prometama group
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 5812577 | +62 21 5812573

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Besi Siku

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TB.  mega baja (gading serpong)
Kota Tangerang, Banten
T/F : +62 21 53124949 | +62 21 53124949

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Out Door Cabinet
  • Rectifier Outdoor Cabinet
  • Battery Outdoor Enclosure

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PT.  telehouse engineering
Kota Bandung , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 22 7802700 | +62 22 7802900

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Kemilau Bumi Santosa - liquide Storage Tank

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PT.  kemilau bumi santosa
Kab. Gresik , Jawa Timur
T/F : +62 31 3903888 | +62 31 3903388

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TPLD Series Multi-Spindel CNC Flange Drilling Machine

Applicable industry

Used for the drilling processing for tube plate, clapboard and flange, in petrochemical, boiler, and wind power flange industries,also for joint plates in building,bridge,iron tower,etc.

Product feature:

1.Servo slide drilling unit heads, with the function of drilling holes, reaming, chamfer angle, milling of groove, can work together, also work separately

2.Automatically find pot to drill holes in X, Y axis,, Spindle rotation speed and feed velocity are stepless adjustment.

3.T-groove is set on lathe bed, using pressure plate to clamp workpiece

4.To seek work piece center in hand-operated wheel, thimble

5.CNC, PLC systems, CRT display,

6.Programming software based on WINDOWS platform with CAD connection, fast and convenient programming ,and visual previewing.

7. Automatic chip removal, coolant circulation cooling

8.Key machinery, hydraulic pressure, electric components are chose from famous cooperation domestic and abroad

9.First choice equipment of tube plate drilling in heat exchange, chemical & mechanical industry.


Product Basic Parameter:




size of work piece(mm)

Max.hole distance L×W(mm)



Max.thickness (mm)



Width/distance of T notch



Drilling spindle


One or more (By customers’ request)

Max. diameter of drilling


Morse taper of spindle


Rotating speed(rpm)

120~480(Stepless speed adjustment)

Max.feed stroke(mm)


Feeding speed(mm/min)

0~4000(Stepless speed adjustment)

Motor power(kW)


Positioning precision


0.1 (full length)

Re-positioning precision



Motor power(kW)

Servo motors

X axis


Y axis


 Z axis


Motor for swarf conveyor


Motor for cooling pump


Type of chip-conveyor

Chain-plate type

Quantity of chip-conveyor


Chip-removal speed(m/min)


CNC system

Spain FAGOR8055 CNC system

Net weight(kg)



Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)



Note:Other models can be made by customers’ request.

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PT.  jinan sunrise cnc machine co.ltd.
Jinan, Shandong
T/F : 8653155611277 | 8653155611266

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C- Channel
  • Mild Steel  C- Channel

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PT.  steel surya mandiri
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat, Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 6258558 | +62 21 6284804

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Mesin Uji Tarik Tekan Cap: 0,5 ~ 5 Tonf

HT-2402 Computer Servo Motor Material Testing Machine

Brand: HUNG TA, Taiwan

  • Cocok untuk menguji berbagai produk kawat & sheet baja sesuai standard SNI.
  • Nilai Ultimate Strength, Yield Point, Breaking Strength dan elongation didapat secara langsung melalui komputer.
  • Banyak dipakai oleh pabrik kawat, kabel & auto parts di seluruh Indonesia.
  • Bisa untuk pengujian Tarik/Tensile, Tekan/Compress dan Tekuk/Bending.
  • Qualitas, spare parts dan servis terjamin.
  • Ready Stock, capacity: 0.5, 1, 2, 5 Tonf (5, 10, 20, 50 kN)

Kunjungi demo unit di Showroom kami. 

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PT.  ostenco promitra jaya
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 42884548 | +62 21 42884558

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Nail ( Paku )

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PT.  gunung gahapi bahara
Kab. Bekasi , Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 8900111 | +62 21 8900555

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Standard Specification for Studs : ASTM A 193 - Grade B7

Standard Specification for Studs : ASTM A 194 - Grade 2H

Hardness Requirement


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PT.  fastindo wiratama
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 6684675 | +62 21 6624401

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Plasite 3073 (BAKED PHENOLICS)

A high solids phenolic lining offering superior resistance to acids, chemicals, solvents and salts. Conforms to FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300.

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PT.  carboline indonesia
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara , Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 293 75692 | +62 21 293 75696

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Stainless steel round bar (As stainless)

Stainless steel round bars are used in many industries such as automotive, machinery, furniture, construction, and many more. It has a unique character that rust resistant, heat resistant, and acid and chemical resistant. Available in our stores and warehouse with various sizes and grades.


Grades : SUS 304, SUS 201

Diameter : 3mm-25mm

Surface: Bright

Lentgh : 6m


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CV.  sumber makmur
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat, Jakarta
T/F : +62 21 6399337 | +62 21 6255961

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Hand tool ( Pahat )

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PD.  pelita cikarang
Kab. Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 8936564 | +62 21 89833077

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Kawat Las ( Merek Kobe steel type RB - 26 )


This is a high titania type of welding electrode for mild steel. It is widely used for welding sheets of ships, rolling stocks and automobiles, for ornamental surfacing of thick plates

Characteristics on usage

-RB-26 is a high titania type covered electrode which makes it possible to do vertical downward welding with diameters up to 5.0mm.

-The arc is stable with little spatter and lustrous bead can be obtained.

-RB-26 is most suitable for welding the structures, which need vertical downward welding in particular while it is suitable for welding steel sheets and light structures because of shallow penetration.

Notes on usage

-In the case of vertical downward welding, manipulate the electrode keeping its tip in contact with mother plate as shown in the sketch.

-Pay attention not to exceed the range of proper currents. Welding with excessive current not only lower X-ray soundness, but also causes increase of spatter, undercut and insufficient slag covering.


-Dry the electrodes at 70-100° C for 30-60 minutes before use. Excessive moisture absorption lower usability and may result in some porosities.

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CV.  sarang material
Kab. Bekasi, Jawa Barat
T/F : +62 21 89906816 | +62 21 89906839

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